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3 Things to Know about HP LCD Screen Replacement

When there is something wrong with your laptop especially with your screen, it is distracting and sometimes frustrating or devastating. With HP LCD screens, you might see lines, patterns, and/or black spots on the display that can increase over time. Some screens are cracked. As you look for solutions online for HP LCD Screen replacement, there are a lot of articles that you can find to avoid spending a lot of money for a repair or replacement. Of course, hiring a professional may be necessary if your screen is unsalvageable. But in case you might want to try it, these are the things to take note of or know in replacing it.

  1. Signs of Screen Damage
  • Defective – a screen that is not working properly without any physical damage to the screen. Flickering and unresponsiveness are one of the signs of a defective screen.
  • Cracked – a screen that has physical damage like cracks or chips due to physical damage.
  • Swelling – a screen that has been too much exposed to hot and cold weather, swelling can happen due to radical change conditions. Discoloring, irregular pixilation, or problems with the backlight are some of the signs of the swelling screen.
  1. Replacing the screen by yourself

Make sure to have the necessary tools as you decide to replace your screen by yourself. Buy or order the new screen and make sure it has the right one by looking up the serial number of your laptop.

  • Prepare the tools like magnetic Philip screwdrivers, putty knife, or similar object to remove the screen bezel, a small dish to hold screws, adhesive tape, or any tape to secure the new LCD to the laptop frame.
  • Turn off your laptop and make sure it is unplugged from the power outlet and remove the battery to avoid electric shock.
  • Gently remove the bezel. Remove the screws that are visible and place them on the dish so you will not lose any. Use a putty knife or any flat object, it may take a little effort or force to completely remove it. There is a chance that you will hear some plastic snapping – don’t worry since it is the unfastening of the plastic tabs that hold your screen onto your case.
  • Once the bezel is completely removed, gently remove the LCD from the left and right sides. If you find more screws or heavy-duty tape, gently remove it first.
  • Gently lie your screen on your keyboard to avoid ruining the video cable that usually runs from the back of the screen to the body of the laptop. Disconnect the cable from the LCD, there may be some tape that needs to be removed.
  • Now it is time to install your new screen. Place it face down within the frame so it fits perfectly then reconnect the video connector again. Make sure all sides are attached and all screws or tape or back.
  • Once all sides are tightened, you may put the bezel back and reinsert all the screws you removed.
  • Return the battery and reconnect your laptop to a power source before turning it on. If there is no display issue, then your replacement was successful.
  1. Finding a reliable Laptop Repair Service

In cases, like you do not want to try replacing it by yourself or something went wrong while replacing it, seeking professional help is advisable. Find a certified technician that knows the brand of the computer well, is trained and experienced working with this.

Purchasing instead of Replacing

There is a certain level of replacement that is still worth it or not. Can it still meet your demands? Sometimes the cost of replacing your screen is much cheaper than buying a new laptop but if your device has other existing issues and problems, you might want to purchase a new one instead of repairing and replacing over and over again. It is wise to weigh the repair or replacement cost against the age and condition of your device. This kind of decision can be consulted through a professional technician since they will give you a whole picture of the status of your laptop and if it is still worth repairing or replacing.

Reliable Laptop Repair in Sydney, Australia

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