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3 Tips for Toshiba Laptop Repairs

Toshiba Laptops rank on top amongst the laptop of other brands because of their hybrid drive for saving files and software. Lately, Toshiba announced that they will no longer make consumer laptops and has shifted their focus to business systems. This gives more importance to taking care of your device and know more information about Toshiba Laptop Repairs. Since Toshiba laptops are renowned worldwide, many people are seeking on the internet for information about problems and solutions. Though their laptops have a good quality, all electronics are bound to face problems during their life cycle and Toshiba is not excepted by that.

Know your Warranty Period and Coverage

Every hardware vendor offers some kind of warranty on their products, but these protections are not created equally, which is why when you buy a product, you need to know:

“What does your warranty cover and how long?”

Toshiba’s standard warranty is similar to most of its competitors, which is a one-year guarantee on parts and labor, meaning repair and replacement of any defective parts or an entire system fall under their warranty. Accidental damage or harm caused by the user are not covered, nor acts of God or damage caused by unlicensed repairs.

Fixing on Common Problems

Fixing on common problems can you help you in saving your laptop. Toshiba’s common issues are booting, battery and charging, overheating, and keyboard problems.

• Booting Problem – Get rid of all the charge of your laptop battery, disconnect all kinds of external storage, reset both CMOS and BIOs, reset Power, utilizing the FN+F5 key, check all the internal files, get the latest graphics driver, reset the system.
• Battery and Charging Problem – Updating BIOS, change your current adapter and buy a new one, change the motherboard, replacing the battery with a new one.
• Overheating Problem – Clean the chassis, replace the internal cooling fan, replace the heat sink, reduce the strain, use a cooling pad.
• Keyboard Problem – Enabling disabled keyboard, re-installing the driver, updating the driver, altering setting.

Consult with Laptop Repair Service in Sydney

Do not just trust anyone with your MacBook repairs. Consult with professionals. One of the leading Repair services in Sydney is the Laptop Repair Sydney. We provide services for Laptops, MacBook, iPad, Tablets, notebooks, and galaxy notes. We have experienced technicians that are extensively trained to handle repairs from Screen replacement, reformatting, data recovery, and migration to extensive repairs.

We have serviced 30000 customers over the last 15 years and counting. Most of them are returned customers because of the quality and fast of service we give.

We provide repair services such as:
• Laptop screen repair
• Laptop Touch Screen Repair
• LCD cable repair
• DC Power Jack repair
• Motherboard replacement
• keyboard repair / replacement
• plastics (palm rest / top case, the base assembly, bezel)
• Software installation


Though our main service center is in Sydney, we can still cater quality service to different parts of Australia. Laptop Screen Repair Service Areas in all regions:

• Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
• New South Wales (NSW)
• Northern Territory (NT)
• Queensland (QLD)
• South Australia.
• Tasmania
• Victoria
• Western Australia

We know how important it is to have a reliable laptop either for school, work or for fun. Helping you is our number one priority, you can contact us by email, phone, fax, or even live chat.

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