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5 Steps for Toshiba Laptop Screen Replacement

Toshiba Laptops have a reputation for excellent battery life and design value. The screen is great too but sometimes even if the quality is good and the user is extremely careful, there are still unavoidable accidents and issues that can occur to your laptop. It can be physical damage due to excessive force, hitting it, or dropping it that causes the screen to be cracked or broken or it can be because of a defect from the manufacturer. Whatever the reason is, I am sure that what you want to know is how to fix it or can it still be fixed. Just because you are experiencing problems with your screen does not mean it is beyond saving. Toshiba Laptop Screen Replacement is doable if you have the knowledge and experience to do it but you should also know that this work is not as easy as you think. With improper replacement and handling, there is a chance to make the situation worse. If you are not confident, better call a professional service like Laptop Repair Sydney to do this for you. But if you are confident, then here are the 5 steps that can help you with your laptop screen replacement.

  • Evaluate the Damage

It is important to know the exact damage on your screen and identify what needs to be repaired. Connect your device to a separate monitor and power it up to make sure and observe if there are other errors other than the screen. If everything seems quite okay, then your problem is just the screen itself. Replacing it will fix it. But if it refuses to power up, it can be because of your graphics card, and replacing the screen is not enough.

Know your Device’s model and Find the Correct Screen

It is important to know your exact model for you to purchase the correct replacement screen for your device. Just go to the settings of your laptop and find the serial number. By entering your device model and serial number, you will be able to choose the correct screen for you.

  • Prepare your Tools

Having the right tools is important if you will try to do this on your own.
A clean, dry, and flat surface where you can work.
A putty knife or similar object to remove the screen bezel
A magnetic Phillips screwdriver
A pin or needle to help you remove the bezel
A small dish to hold the screws
Adhesive tape to secure the new screen to the laptop frame.

  • Start replacing your Screen

Remove all power sources to avoid any risk of electric shock.
Remove stickers, screws, bezel, and the screen.
Disconnect the cable connectors
Insert the new screen, connect the cable connectors and reattach the bezel, screws, and stickers.
Power it up and check if your screen replacement was successful.

  • Keep on using your Device

After a successful screen replacement, make sure to keep on using it to observe the quality of replacement you did for your device. Try playing videos and display a variety of colors of a picture to ensure the quality of the screen. If everything goes well, congratulations!

Reliable Laptop Repair in Sydney, Australia

In cases, like you do not want to try replacing it by yourself or something went wrong while replacing it, seeking professional help is advisable. Find a certified technician that knows the brand of the computer well, is trained and experienced working with this. One of the leading Repair services in Sydney is the Laptop Repair Sydney. We provide services for Laptops, MacBook, iPad, Tablets, notebooks, and galaxy notes. We have experienced technicians that are extensively trained to handle repairs from Screen replacement, reformatting, data recovery, and migration to extensive repairs. You can contact us by email, phone, fax, or even live chat.

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