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Macbook Pro Repair Sydney NSW

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Why Need a MacBook Pro Repair?

Do you need something light and easy to carry around? Perhaps you already have a personal computer, or PC, at home. Maybe even have an “Apple desktop” (more commonly known as iMac)  waiting for you at home. But there is that need for something portable to carry around. Why not a mini iMac? There are many choices, different types of mini iMacs. One good choice is the MacBook pro. And don’t worry if you ever need a MacBook Pro Repair.

But first, let us get to the basics.

A MacBook Pro Repair is nothing with that certain Apple device. A portable computer that was initially introduced in 2006 as a part of the Macintosh line developed by Apple Inc. This sits above the consumer-focused MacBook Air, making it a higher-end model. There are three (3) generations of the MacBook Pro. Let us take a look at what they are.

MacBook Pro Repair Sydney NSW
Macbook Pro Repair Sydney NSW

Generations of the MacBook Pro

  • First-generation 
    • 15-inch model introduced in January 2006
    • 17-inch model in April 2006
    • PowerBook G4
    • Later replaced by PowerPC G4 chips with Intel Core process
    • Webcam
    • MagSafe power connector
    • Added Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Added LED-backlit displays
  • Second-generation
    • Debuted in October 2008, both 13- and 15-inch variants
    • 17-inch in January 2009
    • a.ka. “unibody” model
      • Case machined from a single piece of aluminum
      • Thinner flush display
    • Redesigned trackpad which relied on a single clickable button
    • Redesigned keyboard
    • Due to its Intel Core i5 and an i7 processors upgrade, it introduced Intel’s Thunderbolt
  • Second-generation (Retina MacBook Pro)
    • Released in 2012
      • 15-inch June 2012
      • 13-inch October
    • Compared to its predecessor, it thinner
    • Made of solid-state strage (SSD)
    • Includes a high-resolution Retina display
    • First MacBook Pro without an optical drive built-in
  • Third-generation
    • Released in October 2016
    • Adopted USB-C for all data portland power
    • Included “butterfly”-mechanism board but shallower
    • Function keys were replaced with a touchscreen strip
      • Touch Bar
        • Touch ID Sensor integrated with the power button
  • Third-generation
    • (Magic Keyboard) MacBook Pro
    • Released in November 2019
      • 16-inch model
    • Returned to a scissor-mechanism keyboard
    • Screen set in in a narrower bezels
    • 13-inch model released in 2020

But with all of these great features, it does not mean that your MacBook Pro does not need any kind of repair at some point. There are many different reasons as to why there needs some sort of fixer-uppers.

Here are a few common problems:

Common Problems of MacBook Pros

  • Keeps dying
  • Shows blank screen during startup
  • Poor quality
  • External device will not connect properly
  • Screen keeps flickering
  • Sound cuts off
  • Runs slowly
  • Will not charge when plugged in
  • Bluetooth will not turn on or off
  • Keys stopped working
  • Will not shut down

So what happens when something does happen to that precious little thing?

Go to the MacBook Pro Repair Experts

Perhaps for some, they can figure out how to fix the problems with some knowledge they have gained, especially minor ones. Or even major problems, it still is possible that they are able to give it a try and gamble on the chances. Or they really just know how to. But if you are really unsure of what to do, do not hesitate or be ashamed of declaring that you need a MacBook Pro Repair.

MacBook Pro Repair Sydney NSW

Why a MacBook Pro Repair Company

You would not like your MacBook Pro to suddenly be shattered, literally and figuratively, do you? Sure, you can find many different repair shops around the area, but are you really ready to gamble and bet your money on a cheap service just to save money? Or would you rather pay just a bit of a higher price with a better outcome?

So get great results for your MacBook Pro yet purchase is for a very reasonable price, best to go to a laptop repair company that can definitely work on your precious MacBook Pro. The word “company” may seem like such a “huge” investment but this company you are about to go to gives you the best and most competitive prices that you would definitely not regret choosing them!

They can even do on-the-spot repairs! Surely, knowing that they can do on-the-spot screen repairs is enough to impress you. And no, that is not a joke! They can do that for all kinds of laptops, all brands, and even tablets! Does this not sound like electronics repair heaven?

Laptop repair companies are authorized and more reliable than those you find on the side. They are approved by the government and, for your sake and peace of mind, if anything bad were to happen to your electronic device, you would know where to find them. But on the bright side, if anything good were to happen to your personal computer and would like to have it repaired by them again if in any case, something were to the laptop, you would still know where to find them.

So what are the most significant reasons as to why going to a laptop repair company rather than a repairman on the side is important?

  • They are more than capable of making sure that your data does not get lost.
  • It is more cost-effective.
  • It saves time.
  • They are more experienced.
  • Maintenance arrangements can be made for regular check-ups.

Looking for a laptop repair company can take a lot of time and effort. It is not just touch one and watch it go. No. You have to make sure that the company can do anything and everything you need them to do. It may take a lot of your energy to keep scouting for one, whether online or walking around certain areas, but you have got to choose the best one for one of your most precious objects.

Imagine having to go through so many issues with your laptop and you think you finally found one company, only to realize in the end that you did not get what you needed. You will have to find another repair company which means — double the amount you have to pay.

If you are in the New South Wales of Australia, you will have to find a company much like Laptop. The possibilities of getting the results you want and need for your laptop are endless! You will be able to see that asking for the service of this company will be a decision you will never regret. 

With fifteen (15) years working in the competitive and harrowing laptop industry, and serving over thirty thousand (30,000) customers, Laptop Repair Sydney is one of the most sophisticated companies out there known for being able to provide top-notch services for electronic gadgets such as laptops, Macbook Pro, tablets, and notebooks.