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Apple iMac A1419

Apple iMac A1418 21.5″ and A1419 27″ screen repair

To book an Apple iMac A1418 and A1419 screen repair from $600. Please call us at 02 8081 2555 or click here to book a repair online.

An iMac is a large investment when thinking desktops. You can buy a PC / Windows desktop at $700 or so.. while an iMac will set you back at least $1599 and apple has introduced the iMac pro now which will set you back a whooping $7299 (and I keep telling myself technology is getting cheaper).

Apple iMac A1418 A1419 screen display assembly
Apple iMac A1418 A1419 screen display assembly. Attached by Adhesive

The screen on an iMac A1418 and A1419 consists of 2 components a screen and glass attached together, they are un-seperable. The previous model of iMacs has the screen and glass as well but there were 2 separate parts. It was more likely for the glass to break and it can be replaced on its own for a around $200 depends on the size of the iMac.

A screen for one of the above models can

Apple iMac screen glass
Older model Apple iMac screen glass attaches by magnet

cost any where between $800 and $1100 to have it replaced with Apple, which is a huge amount compared to the price of the device. However it is a revenue stream for Tech manufacturer and some such as Apple, Microsoft and ASUS are making the most of it.

Often users opt to invest the funds towards a new machine rather than repair an old one. Having said that, some users have important data / programs that cannot be replaced and opt to repair the screens on the iMac.

At LaptopRepair.Sydney we maybe able to save you a couple of hundred dollars off the prices charged by Apple on an iMac A1418 and A1419 screen repair. Please call us on 02 8081 2555 or contact us online to get a quote.

We can also repair the following parts on iMac

VGA Repair (No Display, lines on screen)
Airport / Wifi / Wireless
Hard drive and RAM upgrade