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Apple Laptop Repair of Damage from Liquid Spill

Sometimes no matter how careful you are, accidents still happen. You may be drinking coffee while working on something on your laptop then your hand suddenly bumped your cup and spilled the coffee on your laptop. It is a nightmare and you might be in a panic about what to do to save your gadget and thinking if you can still use it.

Apple Laptop Repair problem of damaged liquid spill is not easy and can cause you to have more issues if you try to repair it without any knowledge. Advice like cleaning and drying it using alcohol can cause more damage.

If this happens to you, you might be thinking what are your options to have your laptop repair? When you bring your unit to the Apple store, unfortunately, it is not part of their warranty service and they will put it automatically to the Tier 4 Repair that will cost you thousands of dollars even if you purchased an Apple Care+. 

The type of liquid spilled on your laptop does make a difference. If you spilled water, tea or coffee then it tends to be an easier problem for repair but if you spilled liquid with a high level of acid, then it will be more challenging and costlier. Soda will turn into a sticky liquid on your laptop that will make it more challenging to dry. 

Effect of Liquid Spill and First- Aid for your Laptop

The liquid you spilled on your laptop will make its way to your logic board and other components. The minerals and salt will immediately begin to eat away at the metal, silicone, and fiberglass parts of it. The battery that supplies power to your unit will also be affected. The electric current will interact with the liquid and accelerate this corrosion process. This will cause the copper and other metal parts to migrate across the board. Even if the liquid is just water, it will still leave a solid residue once it dries. With this effect, you can do these first-aid steps to avoid more damage to your laptop and a bigger chance to repair it with professional help. 

  • Safely disconnect your laptop from the outlet – Safety first. Liquid and electricity are not a good combination. It can cause electric shock or even fire-causing short circuits. Unplug your charger immediately. 
  • Move your laptop to a dry place – After you disconnected the charger from the outlet, it is now safe to lift your laptop and move it to a dry place to dry it. Make sure it has good air ventilation and cool airflow around it. Avoid a heat place because it will cause more damage to your laptop. 
  • Turn off your laptop immediately. – Hold the power button until it turns off. Do not turn it off using the Apple menu. 
  • Unplug accessories – Unplug everything like external hard drive, flash drive, monitors, mouse, keypad, or any accessories that are currently plugged on your laptop to avoid damage to it.
  • Absorb as much liquid as possible – Use a microfiber cloth to absorb the liquid without scratching your laptop. You may use a cotton swab for the keyboard where usually the liquid is a trap. Do not use a hairdryer or radiator.
  • Let it dry and bring it to a service center – If there’s no more liquid spilling when you lift it, let it dry for an hour and bring it to the apple store or if you want to skip it, you may bring it to the service center that repairs Apple devices. Do not forget to bring an external hard drive in case they can still back up your files and the username and password of your laptop. 

Remember not to turn on your laptop because you are desperate to know if it is still working. Do not shake your laptop also. This will cause the liquid to spread on other components inside. And lastly, ignore the best advice of “DIY repair” to put rice on your laptop. This may work on the phone but not on a laptop. It will not pull or absorb the water or moisture from the core components. Do not wait for 48 hours before bringing your laptop to the Apple store or service center. Waiting that long will allow the liquid to be trapped and cause more damage. It is always safe to ask and seek professional help because they are equipped to help you with this. 

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A laptop repair is crucial for many but with careful use of the gadgets, the cost for laptop repair could be used for other improvements for your system. A trained professional person is your best option. They will estimate the damage and take the necessary steps to recover as much as possible and as fast as possible to eliminate further damage. Laptop Repairs Sydney is an IT Tools company that has been in the repair and spare parts industry for more than 15 years, providing public, government, corporate, and education services. We have served more than 30,000 customers over the last 15yrs and counting. Most of them are return customers because of the quality service we are offering. We repair laptops, iPad, tablets, notebooks, and galaxy note. Our skilled technicians are extensively trained on gadget repairs, all makes and models. You can contact us by email, phone, fax, and even live chat. Customer service is our priority. 

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