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Asus Broken hinge / lcd back cover

Hi, Can I help? 
Hi we have an Asus laptop that appears to have a damaged hinge so the cover won’t stay open and can only be closed by force. It looks like the cover wants to break open when forcing the close (so we don’t)! How much for a new hinge and possibly fitting service please
Hussmm.. I think this could very well be a broken back cover
can you please check that
so the hinges are no longer attached to the back cover
Carollooks ok from the back
will send an image4:02:16 PM
Hussit will be the rivets that hold the hinge screws in place. Often this is the problem.
also model and SN pls
CarolModel is UX303L
Hussis this the touch screen model?
CarolCarol is sharing a file with you. 20200901_160145.jpg – (Size:6.04 MB)
Huss$300 with labor, pickup and return. Replacing back cover
lcd back
ETA 4-7 days. 
If hinges needs replacing ETA will be approx 3 weeks and $75 on yop
Carolsending an image of the back at the hinge when trying to close in a sec
Carol is sharing a file with you. 20200901_160657.jpg – (Size:6.01 MB)
lcd back cover very likely
Carolok thanks. will get back to you after I speak to client thanks
Husscheers 🙂