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Asus DC Jack repair

Asus DC Jack repair cost and process

Asus DC Jack repair cost and process

To book an ASUS DC Jack repair @ flat rate of $135 (Pickup and return $40 on top). Please call us at 02 8081 2555 or click here to book a repair online.

ASUS has gained more market share over the last few years, a well deserved progress in the Ozzy market. As every other manufacturer ASUS produces laptops of low, medium, and high ends. As well as some gaming laptops.

Prices rang from $399 up to around $5000 for a gaming laptop. ASUS however failed to gain space in the business / education industry. Most ASUS users are home users. During my years in the IT industry I have not seen one organization using ASUSscreen_shot_2013-07-16_at_11.03.38_pm_1 machines as their Standard Operating Environment. This could be due to the company not targeting organisations or education institutions. It is not an easy task to crack through these industries with all the big players such as DELL, HP, Apple, and Lenovo competing.

One policy of ASUS I don’t like is the no spares sale policy. If you purchase an ASUS Laptop and you manage to fry the motherboard or pull the keys out of your keyboard. ASUS will not sell you a new spare part, you will have to send in the laptop for repair, where you pay a premium price for spares and labor.

At Laptoprepair.Sydney we manage to get our hands on most ASUS spares, such as LCD Screens, DC Jack, Keyboards and other parts.

ASUS DC Jacks can be:

  1. Onboard (soldered on the motherboard)
  2. On daughter board (soldered on a separate little board)
  3. DC Jack with harness
Replacing an on-board dc jack

This is the hardest of 3 types of dc jack repair. Laptop to be pulled apart until the motherboard is free. The broken DC Jack is to be un-soldered. The new DC Jack is to be soldered on the motherboard. Care should be take not to damage the motherboard.

Replacing a dc jack on daughter board

In this instance the whole daughter board can be replaced, instead of having to un-solder and solder the DC Jack. You just replace the whole board that hold the DC Jack. On some models you may have to remove the motherboard and other parts to get to the desirable board.

Replacing a DC Jack with Harness

This also is an easy repair compared with the on board DC Jack repair. Very much like “Replacing a DC Jack on daughter board”. You remove the base assembly / cover and some times the DC jack can be replaced there and then. Some other times the motherboard should be removed to get to the DC Jack connector.

At Laptop Repair Sydney we offer ASUS DC Jack repair at $135 flat fee.