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ux21e cracked screen

ASUS UX21E UX31E Cracked screen repair

To book an ASUS UX31E cracked screen repair @ $400 including pickup and return please call us at 02 8081 2555 or click here to book a repair online.

Released October 2011 the ASUS Zenbook UX31E was released to gain some market share among windows users who liked the Macbook Air. Equipped with 13.3″ 1600 x 900 WXGA+ screen, Intel processor, 128GB SSD.

The screen on the UX31E is 13.3 inches ultra thin, very similar to the Macbook Air screens.
Replacing the screen is some how difficult and will require special tools and high level of experience.

Often repairers replace the whole display assembly due to the difficulty of replacing the screen glass panel.

In 2017 a complete display assembly for the UX31E still costs around $300 for the part only. A repair may end up costing around $400.

We can also repair DC Jack, Keyboard, hard drive upgrade, battery on Asus UX21E / UX31E device.

At LaptopRepair.sydney we can organise pickup and return for your laptop Australia wide. Or you can drop off your laptop at our kingsgrove repair center.


UX31e cracked screen
UX31e cracked screen
UX31e cracked screen repaired
UX31e cracked screen repaired