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ASUS X551M Sydney NSW

ASUS X551M Damaged laptop LCD Screen repair

To book for your ASUS X551M screen repair or ASUS X551MA screen repair @ $140 + optional pickup and return @ $40. Please call us at 02 8081 2555 or click here to book a repair online.

To order a DIY screen, please click here.

ASUS X551M Laptop Screen Repair

The ASUS X551MA and all sub-models are medium level laptops that was released in December 2015. Targeting home users and small business.

Replacing the screen on ASUS X551MA / X551M series is a little more complicated than the usual. More screws and brackets holding the screen.

Asus X551M-2
Identifying your ASUS laptop
1- Remove the screw cover on LCD bezel.










Asus X551M-3
2- Remove the bezel screws. Once this is done the bezel is only clipped to the back cover, remove it carefully.











Asus X551M-4
3- Remove the screws holding the screen in place, these include the top and side screws. ONLY loosen the hinges screws as these do not have to be removed. Once the Hinges screws are loosened, you will gain access to the side brackets to remove them.


Asus X551M-7
Image of side bracket on the ASUS X551M A
Asus X551M-8
4- Tilt screen on the keyboard, remove the tape and unplug the screen connector. Careful when removing the tape not to damage the cable.


Asus X551M-5
5- New screen connected and is waiting for the bezel.

This Article applies to all ASUS X551M X551MA models.
We repair all laptop models, screens, keyboards, hinges, Plastics, motherboard, DC Jack, battery, charger.

to order a DIY screen, please click here.

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