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laptop screen repair sydney

Can I replace a laptop screen

A question many end users ask when faced with this issue.

The simple answer is yes, all laptop screens are replaceable. However some models the whole lid has to be replaced and some models are panel only. Some are touch + screen and the difficulty and price vary between one and another.

As I always say, the price of the screen often follow the price of the laptop, so if you purchased a laptop for $700 the screen will be on the cheap side and vice versa, a MacBook screen that costs $4500 to buy, a screen will cost around $800.

Laptop screen panel replacement

I will start with the majority… most laptops you can replace the panel only. The panel usually sits between 2 parts, the lcd cover and the bezel and is held by hinges that are directly connected to the screen and back cover.

to remove the screen, you will have to remove the bezel first, most bezels are held by screws, some are clipped on and some (hardest) use adhesive. If you happen to have a laptop with bezel attached through adhesive, be patient when removing the bezel. It is a bit harder to get off but will come off undamaged if you take your time.

Once the screen is removed, you will have to remove the screws holding the screen to hinges or the LCD back cover. Next step is tilt the screen forward and remove the LCD data cable. Be very careful with this cable as replacing it is not an easy task, because it plugs in to the motherboard.

Once the panel is off, you undo every step you did above. Before you do so, turn the laptop on once you plug in the screen to make sure it is working. The last thing you want is putting the laptop back together. Then finding out the screen is not working or have dead pixels.

Laptop LCD screen Assembly

The assembly is uaually the complete LID that holds the screen. Some models especially apple Macbook Pro requires the whole assembly to be replaced. Some technicians including our own at LaptopRepair.Sydney can replace the screen only, however parts availability is an issue some times.

Replacing the complete LID / Assembly is easier than replacing the panel only.
Remove the screws that hold the base of the laptop, then unplug the battery.
next remove the lcd cable from motherboard and any other cable including wifi antenna cables. Next unscrew the hinges. Undo all the steps and you are done.

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