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Data recovery for your hard drive

What is Data Recovery

Data Recovery is the process of recovering readable data from a damaged or corrupt hard drive. Most of the time, mechanical hard drives suffer a firmware corruption or other software issues. Firmware is the software running the hard drive. These issue are usually discovered when a hard drive becomes very slow to read or inaccessible.

Software issue are usually not very hard to repair and data is still easily recoverable, professional data recovery companies charges an arm and a leg to recover data no matter how hard or easy the process is.

Mechanical failures

This is the real hard core data recovery process, when a hard drive is clicking, it means the head lost its location to start reading the platters. This type of data recovery require a clean room environment most of the time, removing and replacing the heads which is a very sensitive process.

How much

Recovering data from a physically damaged hard drive can cost up to $3000 depends where you take it. But if you have sensitive data you need to recover, don’t bet on the computer repair shop around the corner. To do it for $500 with them is not . Very likely it will not happen and data will be lost. Go straight to reputable company with good track record.
If you have some family photos on your drive or some not very important information, you will need to weigh the cost against the importance of the data.

We provide data recovery solution through our professional data recovery partners.