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DELL Latitude E5570 Cracked LCD Sydney NSW

DELL Latitude E5570 Cracked LCD Screen repair

DELL Latitude E5570 Cracked LCD Screen Repair Help

To book a screen repair for DELL Latitude E5570 @ $150 HD OR $220 FHD. Optional pickup and return @ $40. Please call us at 02 8081 2555 or click here to book a repair online.

If you encountered problem with your $1500+ business end laptops from DELL particularly with DELL Latitude E5570 Cracked LCD screen, Laptop Repair Sydney offers repair and replacement services for you.

If you want to do it yourself therefore this Article will help you because we will discuss the DELL Latitude E5570 Cracked LCD Screen Repair. Replacing this screen difficulty is 5/10.

First of all make sure the laptop is unplugged from the power source, and is witched off.

DELL Latitude E5570 damaged / cracked screen


This is the repaired machine. Showing the bezel is held with no screws, adhesive and clipped to the LCD back cover . You may need a spudger to get between the screen and bezel.



Note the adhesive on the bezel, all around. Make sure you replace this adhesive if required



4 screws holding the lcd to the LCD back cover. Remove screws and title screen forward to unplug



30 pin edp connector. carefully remove the tape, the connector has a lock in place, unlock then unplug.





Plug the new screen and test before installing bezel