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HP Laptop Motherboard Repair Sydney NSW

Everything You Need to Know About HP Laptop Motherboard Repair

HP Laptop Motherboard Repair, first things you need to know…

HP Laptops features a smart design, great battery life, an advanced cooling system, and great hardware. But despite these features, with overused, and mishandling, you can still damage its motherboard and would need a HP laptop motherboard repair.

The motherboard is one of the most important components of a laptop. If it is damaged, your laptop will stop working. Do not worry, your motherboard will not instantly damage without any signs, it has some indicators that there might be something wrong with it but not all these indicators are only related to motherboard failure, it can have other reasons. Before jumping to HP Laptop Repairs on search engines, here is some information you might need to know about it.

HP laptop Motherboard Failure Signs

If you are encountering any of these signs, then this might be a signal for motherboard failure.

• Blank Screen
• Blue Screen
• Lost Files
• Not booting up
• Freezing of the System
• Hardware Failure
• Randomly shutting down or restarting

Possible causes of these signs are:

• Overheating
• Liquid Spills
• Smoke
• Dust and debris (usually from fans)
• Electrical fluctuations
• Physical impact
• Wear and Aging

If ever you encounter these, then you should take note and observe your device. And if you are already experiencing these signs, you can check and do first-aid solutions for the problem.

HP Laptop Motherboard Repair Sydney NSW

Remove Particles from the RAM – Once your RAM is damaged, then your motherboard will not work properly.
Check the battery – Draining the CMOS battery can cause malfunction for the motherboard also. You can take it out and restart the laptop. If it is working properly, then you need to replace it and get a new battery.
Check the Screen of the Laptop – Check the video cable of your laptop if it is connected properly and there is no loose connection. Make sure that there is no damage on the screen.
Check the Graphics Card – This is one of the hardware that is also connected to the motherboard. Try taking out the graphics card and connect the video cable to your laptop. If it is working properly, then you need to repair or replace the graphics card.
Remove other external and internal hardware – For the motherboard to work properly, additional hardware hinders the process. Try connecting only the SPMs, processor, RAM, and Fan. If it does not boot properly, then there might be an internal problem.

These are the things you need to check if you are experiencing problems with your HP Laptop Motherboard. Knowing the cause and try to prevent them is a good step for you to take care of your motherboard.

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We provide repair services such as:

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• Software installation


Though our main service center is in Sydney, we can still cater quality service to different parts of Australia. Laptop Repair Service Areas in all regions:

• Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
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• Tasmania
• Victoria
• Western Australia

Laptop Repair Sydney know how important it is to have a reliable laptop either for school, work or for fun.

Helping you is our number one priority, you can contact us by email, phone, fax, or even live chat. You may reach us at (02) 8081 2555. Our service center is open from Monday to Friday 9:00 in the morning up to 05:30 in the afternoon.