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Hi, My Surface pro 3 does not turn on even though the charger light is on. the genuine charger was used and it’s not charger issue. it may be charger port is broken and the device does not turn on at all. Please advise me if: 1. this can be fixed with cost involved 2. possible to at least access hard driver so i can collect all files from the hard driver. Regards,

Hi Richard,

We can attempt to repair the DC Jack, however the screen will be cracked when removing. The repair is quite expensive around $500.

We can recover your data from the HDD, given that the hard drive is not encrypted or if encrypted you have the bitlocker key. To access the hard drive, we also have to go through the screen so you will end up with a device with no screen and hard drive. The cost of  the data recovery is $300, Pickup and return is available @ $40.