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Hi, are you guys able to replace motherboard and HDD on a Lenovo Yoga 920?

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IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
BillyHi, are you guys able to replace motherboard and HDD on a Lenovo Yoga 920?12:57:16 PM
Reneyes we do12:57:31 PM
but you are from mexico?12:57:49 PM
Billy?? no i am from Sydney12:58:06 PM
Renei see ok.. i can see chat log coming from mexico 🙂12:58:24 PM
Billyreally… that is strange12:58:36 PM
can you provide a quotation for this repair?12:58:49 PM
Renecan i get also the MTM of the machine please?12:59:00 PM
Billyi took it to another laptop repairer and he said its better for us buy a new one12:59:10 PM
how do i get the MTM12:59:20 PM
Renei see.. can i get mtm please? i will check the cost12:59:25 PM
MTM model type. found at based12:59:34 PM
found at base of the laptop12:59:44 PM
Billygot it12:59:50 PM
MTM: 80Y8000UUS1:00:11 PM
Renelet me check this..1:01:35 PM
BillyOK1:01:40 PM
Renemotherboard cost @ $1895 (motherboard with i7 processor) part only1:05:22 PM
BillyOh ok…so the other repairer was right… better to buy a new one1:05:58 PM
Renelaptop repairer looks right 🙂1:06:12 PM
Billyok thanks for your help1:06:35 PM
Reneno problem..1:06:52 PM
is there anything else i can help?