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Hi, just wondering if you had a replacement LCD panel for a Lenovo M920Z All-In-One Desktop w/ 23.8″ Full-HD Touch Screen Display

This is a live chat log

Husscan check. do you have MTM or SN?12:56:29 PM
Danielthe SN is SPC……12:57:47 PM
HussChecking this for you, won’t be long.12:58:58 PM
Danielthanks12:59:13 PM
Husscan you please confirm this is correct12:59:45 PM
Lenovo doesn’t not like it 🙂12:59:52 PM
Danielah sorry try this: PC1…..1:00:58 PM
Hussbetter1:01:18 PM
M920z All-in-One (ThinkCentre) – Type 10S61:01:25 PM
DanielYep thats the one1:01:40 PM
Huss$650 ETA 3-5 days, installation $1001:02:27 PM
DanielThanks, do you have it on the site or do you have a part number please?1:03:26 PM
Hussnot on site right now, PN SBB0P933721:04:42 PM
Danielok thanks, 1:06:20 PM
Hussthanks1:14:49 PM