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HP Elitebook there are lines on my left hand side

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
GeorgeHi I have a HP Elitebook and there are lines on my left hand side, so i think i may need a new screen, its a 15.6 inch, what would be the cost?
Hussdepends on resolution
do you have the complete model or SN?
Georgehp elitebook 850 G1
hp elitebook 850 G1
Hussnew screen with install while you wait (if you can drop off) $240
Georgeok when can you do installation?
HussAny time 9:30 – 2 or 4:30 – 5:30. Mon – Friday.
I will need to issue a ticket number though, so if you are sure you are dropping off I can do this now.
Georgeyes go ahead
HussOK, please provide last name and phone number
HussThis is non-touch screen right?
Ticket #5672 , please label your laptop with this number when dropping off.
Turn around will be 20-30 mins
Georgeok i will be there tomorrow, hopefully in morning
will see you tomorrow