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iphone care tips

iPhone Care Tips: Maintenance Guide for Better Performance

iPhone Care Tips  for Better Performance

Since iPhone first came onto the market 10 years ago, there have been complaints about the performance of the batteries with them only lasting a few hours. There are some things that you can do to keep the battery power for longer.

Set to low power mode

One quick option is to go into your settings and switch from full battery mode to low power mode. Although it will keep your battery going a little bit longer, it won’t make a huge difference. Running out of battery life and having to switch your phone off can be frustrating. This is the case even if it’s only for a short time.

Use Wi-FI

Although it can be hard to find a free WIFI hotspot, it’s definitely worth doing. This can prolong the life of your battery which will allow you to go longer without charging your iPhone. It’s been widely reported that if you charge your battery too often the battery life will be shortened. You could  end up potentially ruining the battery. This could be quite costly as you’ll need to pay for the labour and the new battery. Using WIFI will also save your data. If you’re on a limited data plan this will save you significant money.

Close un-used Apps

Close the apps that you’re not using. Doing so will save your battery power and will ensure that the apps you’re using run faster. If you’re curious about how much power each app is using, you can check this out by going into the settings. You will see the percentages.

If there are some applications on your iPhone that you don’t frequently use, you could delete them. By deleting the apps you don’t use you’ll free up space and that will cause the iPhone to run considerably faster. You’ll then have a better experience.

Protective case

When you get a new iPhone, ensure that you get a case. There are so many cases on the market that you can choose one that will make a fashion statement. Fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton make them in classic prints. If you’d rather a cheaper model that is an option too. They start from about $20 and range up to $100. They’re durable and mean that if you drop your iPhone it’s likely to survive the fall. iPhone cases have all kinds of prints and designs so you can choose one that suits your personality. You can get designs for women and men, and some are even inspired by your favorite TV show or media personalities.

Careful with the lightening cable

Be careful with the lightening cord. If you don’t look after it, you could find that the charging dock gets damaged and needs replacing. This isn’t a huge expense to repair, however it could prove inconvenient and frustrating. If the lightening cable is often connected to a laptop or desktop then eject it first like you would any other external iPhone accessory. You could also damage the cord if you’re not gentle with it. They can be extremely fragile and prone to breakage.

These are just a few tips so you can enjoy your iPhone for longer. Let us know if you have any other ideas.