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Just looking at your site for cost to fix a laptop screen

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
LoisiJust looking at your site for cost to fix a laptop screen
Renemay i have the laptop model please
LoisiAsus E406M Notebook
Renedo you have the full model? E406M or E406Ma series comes with full HD and HD screen
LoisiSorry just 1 sec. Ill look it up. Can I find this information in the settings on the laptop?
Reneyes.. or in bottom base
the model.. but resolution you can see in screen settings or the screen model
LoisiFull model name is
VivoBook_ASUS Laptop E406MAS_E405MA
Renescreen comes with the full hd and HD screen..

HD >>

FHD >>
LoisiIts the top link.
Thats my laptop
Do u know if these screen types are easy to break. The total laptop cost was $450. If the screen is prone to breaking i wouldn’t fix it maybe?
Renewe can fix if you want, we do pickup and return AU wide
in page you can see the installation options
is there anything else i can help?