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MacBook Pro Motherboard Repair Sydney NSW, MacBook Pro Motherboard Repair Service Sydney NSW

What you Should know About MacBook Pro Motherboard Repair.

Apparently, sales at the Apple stores of the MacBook pro have steadily grown every year. Indeed, these machines have high performance; therefore, have become the favorite machines for many people. However, they are somewhat vulnerable to hardware failure particularly Motherboard issues. Though MacBook pro motherboard repair can be done by Apple stores and retailers, the common challenge is the time that they take to repair it.

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Additionally, some Apple Stores will not even take the repair at all but rather send them farther to the local Apple repair shop. Certainly, you would want to avoid this uncertainty and inappropriate chain, and the best way is learning how to repair your MacBook pro motherboard right at home.

MacBook Pro Motherboard Diagnosis.

In case you doubt that there is an issue with the motherboard of your MacBook, it is good to apply the Apple Hardware Test to carry out some tests to find out the issue before proceeding to repair it.  How to use the Built-in Apple Hardware examination or test.

i). First, unplug all of your MacBook Pro cables except for the power cable then shut down the machine.

ii). Restart your MacBook Pro as you press down the “D” key.

iii). Patiently wait for the test (Apple Hardware Test) to load, then tick or click “Extended Test” that will appear on the right side of your Hardware Test window.

iv). Take note of the error code(s) that will be generated by the Apple Hardware Test as this will help you in the repair process.

MacBook Pro Motherboard Repair.

Before performing any repair on your MacBook Pro Motherboard, it is prudent to backup your files if where possible. You can always seek for a third-party backup service if you are unable to do so. Normally, repairs and failures do not affect your data or hard drive, but a backup is necessary and always advised for those who wish to avert data loss.

The MacBook Pro Motherboard issue (the machine does not start and the black screen is observed) is a quite common issue of the old MacBook Pro. Since the repair charges are much higher than what a used non-broken MacBook Pro is worth, knowing how to solve it is worth your time and resources (for the necessary tools)

The Requirements: 

  •  Oven (kitchen oven)
  • Thermal compound
  • A Torx screwdriver
  • Aluminum foil

A small Philips screwdriver

The Repair Process. 

Step one: Open the MacBook Pro top cover

To appropriately do this, you will require the small Philips screwdriver and the Torx screwdriver (Torx 6)

Step two: Remove the motherboard

Again, to remove the motherboard, you will require the small Philips screwdriver and the Torx 6 screwdriver. Next, clean the motherboard.

Step three: Bake the motherboard.

Place the motherboard on aluminum foil pillars then preheat the oven to 428F with air circulation. Proceed and put the motherboard in the oven as you turn the temperature to 392F with air circulation. Wait for at least 8 minutes then turn off the oven and slightly open it. Put brand-new thermal compound on the cooling then take it out after it has cooled down.

Step four: Reassembling.

After the above process, install the motherboard again and finally put back the case. You should be quite keen on this final step as you need to set everything precisely as it was before. In fact, this also an import part of the repair process and should not be taken lightly.

For perfect MacBook Pro motherboard repair of your machine, you can always seek the services of the Laptop Repair Sydney. With the 15 years’ experience, you are certain that your issue will be solved for good.