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Laptop is slow and was wondering if it can upgraded with new parts

HussHi, Can I help? 
SteveI have an Asus laptop 17 inch which has 2 separate hard drives . Laptop is slow and was wondering if it can upgraded with new parts or if the hard drives can be put in a new laptop so that I don’t have to transfers all the storage . They are 500gig each
we can upgrade your hard drive to SSD which is considerably faster. and then have your existing drive in USB enclosures.
Steveits more about the whole system being slow . Not the hard drives . But a new 17inch laptop is expensive. And this one has 2 separate hard drives instead of a single unit . Does anyone make a laptop with twin drives any more
1 of the hard drives was replaced only a couple of yeara ago
Now running Windows 10 and that has slowed it down
HussSSDs are much faster than mechanical drive so this should improve performance a lot.
not sure who is making more than one drive now
is your priority storage space ?
SteveNo but I run my business from the laptop and it is just slow to do things . I thought an upgrade of motherboard or processor would be the way to go
Hussnot possible on laptops..
what specs your laptop has?
SteveNedd to keep all thw programs and emails etc
Hussbest way is to clone your existing drives into an SSD
or we can clone to a new laptop if you wish to buy a new laptop
SteveIt is Asus k72f intel i5 m480 2.67ghz. 4 gig ram
Running Windows 10home
Hussthe laptop is quote old, of course upgrading is a better option if you can afford to do so
Otherwise upgrading to SSD’s will be the go
SteveSo best new laptop and clone hard drive so everything looks and works the same
Hussshoudl considering your software compatible with teh operating system.
SteveIt is about 10 years old
Hussif you are already running windows 10, you should be fine
SteveHas have upgraded to Windows 10 but love the 17inch screen and they are expensive now .
Husswell you can always give the upgrade a try
SSD HDD 1TB is around $220 each, cloning you will be looking @ $75 each as well.
SteveOk thanks for the info . Something to think about .
Hussno probs, always here to help. thanks