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Laptop Screen Repair Cost

This article is a general guide for laptop screen repair cost, to book a laptop screen repair 15.6″ HD starting from $110* (drop off ) please click here or call us at 02 8081 2555.


A cracked or faulty laptop screen can be annoying, especially if the device is being used for business or study and is needed now. And these sorts of things usually happen when  the device is needed most.

Luckily there are service providers such as LaptopRepair.Sydney that can replace laptop screens while you wait, so you are back in business within 30 minutes or so, for most devices.

Laptop Screen Repair Cost

The cost of a laptop Screen vary depending on the size and resolution. Starting from around $130 up to around $800, I will list some prices below. But a very good indication where a screen repair stands is the price of the device itself.

For example if a Laptop costs $500, then the replacement screen price is at the low end. And an $4000 laptop, replacement screen will be at the high end.

Some approximate pricing:

11.6 1366 x 768 HD screen resolution $130
13.3 1366 x 768 HD $175
13.3 1920 x 1080 FHD $250
15.6 1366 x 768 is $ 150
15.6 1920 x 1080 $200
17.3 1600 x 900 HD+ $200
17.3 1920 x 1080 FHD $275

Please use these as a guide only, prices fluctuate based on exchange rate and availability of screens.

See this Laptop Screen Repair Cost for other laptop brands and models:

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If you would like to book a laptop screen repair with us please click here to book online, or call 02 8081 2555.

By the way, we provide all tablet and laptop screen repair in all regions of Australia:

  • ACT – Laptop Repair Canberra
  • New South Wales (NSW) – Laptop Repair Sydney
  • Northern Territory (NT) – Laptop Repair Darwin
  • Queensland (QLD) – Laptop Repair Brisbane
  • South Australia – Laptop Repair Adelaide
  • Tasmania – Laptop Repair Hobart
  • Victoria – Laptop Repair Melbourne
  • Western Australia – Laptop Repair Perth


hp laptop screen repair cost

Laptop Repair Sydney Overview

Repair Services we do:

  1. Laptop Repairs
  2. Macbook Repairs
  3. iPhone Repairs
  4. iPad Repairs
  5. Tablet Repairs
  6. Notebook Repairs
  7. Phone Repairs or Smartphone Repairs

Our experienced technicians can handle everything from:

  1. On the spot LCD screen replacement / on the spot laptop repair
  2. Laptop Screen Repair – with Pick-up and return service
  3. Reformatting
  4. Data recovery and migration
  5. Other extensive laptop repairs

Don’t just trust to anyone with your gadget repairs. Trust the experts at LaptopRepair.Sydney. Our experienced technicians are extensively trained on gadget repairs, all makes and models. We are here to help you get back online and keep your e-life on track.

Laptop Repair Sydney stands behind the work we do. We have serviced more than 30000 customers over the last 15 years and counting. Most are return customer and use our services time and again.

We contribute our bit to make our customer’s lives easier by reducing the repair stress. Our team can provide you with the technology and solutions to meet your needs. We have specialized diagnostic equipment and software to perform hundreds of tests in seconds.

*Drop off at Kingsgrove see map here, pickup and return service available @ extra cost, cash payment, promo price, none touch.