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looking for a replacement backlit screen for a Lenovo Thinkpad T440s

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
Kevinlooking for a replacement backlit screen for a Lenovo Thinkpad T440s
Oh, non glossy….
HussSN or type pls
KevinI am not sure, I have only had this laptop a few days…..
How would I know which one it is ?
Are you asking about the screen I have or the one I want ?
Hi….. are you there ?
on the base of the laptop
you will find Serial number (SN) and type
KevinThe serial number is PF….
Type is 20ARS08MOO
I found one on the website, IBM-LENOVO THINKPAD T440S 20AQ SERIES Replacement Laptop LCD Screen Panel
Is that like the original or an upgrade ?
Husslet me confirm this
you have T440s with touch screen
It has touchscreen
Husschecking price and availability for you
KevinThanks, the screen it is works fine, but was looking to see what it would cost to upgrade to a better touchscreen…. LED backit or the likes
Hussnot possible.
you have to stick with the screen in the laptop.
KevinOh… Okay…. that’s fine…. I was just checking my options
Hussno probs
KevinThanks for your time
Hussshould’ve said that at the beginning 🙂
KevinYeah, I was watching a Youtube video of upgrades and got the idea about the screen
But I can live with the one that is in it….