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Macbook Pro Retina Cracked Screen repair

Macbook Pro Retina Cracked Screen repair

Macbook Pro Retina Cracked Screen repair

To book a Macbook pro retina cracked screen repair for A1398, A1405 and A1425 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Please call us on 02 8081 2555 or click here to book a repair online.

The Apple Macbook Pro Retina A1398 15.4 inches was released back in 2012 for the, and 2013 for A1502 and A1425 13.3 inches. One of a kind at the time and the first to be released on a laptop, and at least 12 months before any other manufacturer released a laptop with  2880 x 1800 screen.

This version of Macbooks was the first to have on board memory and SSD (Solid State Drive). Overall it was a revolution in the laptop manufacturing, regardless of the disadvantage of not being able to upgrade the RAM or hard drive on your laptop.

To upgrade the RAM from 8GB t0 16GB a customer had to spend $800. And to upgrade the Solid State Drive which at the time a customer can only purchase form Apple, get ready to pay another $600 or so.

This is on the upgrade side, on the repair side things can be a bit harsher, to replace a Solid State Drive with a 512GB drive the cost is around $1100. Luckily some third party manufacturers have stepped in to manufacture compatible drives for Macbook pro / Apple laptops in general.

Replacing a screen on a Macbook pro retina can set you back around $1000, At LaptopRepair.Sydney we are able to source overstock Apple Macbook pro retina screens at around 60% of the cost. We can repair the screen @ $660 for a new complete display assembly.

How do I know my screen is faulty (Symptoms)

Few symptoms can suggest your screen maybe faulty:

  1. Black screen: Laptop turns on, chimes and user can hear the fan spinning, but nothing appears on screen.
  2. Lines on screen: When laptop turns on, you see multiple lines on screen vertical or horizontal.

Can a laptop screen come back from dead?

Very unlikely, once the screen comes back it is very likely the problem lays some where else. To check do a system reset (Option + Command + P + R + press and hold power button for 3 chimes). If it is a lucky day, laptop will come back to life.

What do we replace?

We replace the top half of the laptop, which can also be referred to as screen assembly of hinge up assembly.

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Book a Macbook pro retina screen repair here call 02 8081 2555