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Microsoft Surface book touch screen repair

Microsoft Surface Book Touch Screen Repair

To book a Microsoft surface book touch screen repair @ $550 optional  pickup and return @ $40. Please call us at 02 8081 2555 or click here to book a repair online.

Microsoft made it again. After Apple release of the iPad, many manufacturer appeared to be left behind. Where are the big names? DELL, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba. Where is the innovation? It looked like apple is dominating, and they were.

Shortly after, other manufacturers started to catch up. Take Microsoft for example, Microsoft never manufactured Hardware, was always in the software field. But seeing Apple making a fortune from bundling iOS and OS with hardware, must have sparked a light bulb in someone’s head at Microsoft.

Microsoft released the Surface Book

And it was the surface, I have written about the surface pros in another article, you can view it here. And then comes the Surface book, few years after the release of the Surface Pro, Microsoft released a Lapsurface book tocu screen repairtop / Tablet with 13.5″ PixelSense Display, 1,647g Resolution: 3000 x 2000 (267 PPI) Aspect ratio: 3:2 with 10 point multi-touch.

Priced at a whopping AU$3,229.15 incl. GST  for a surface book equipped with 6th Gen Intel Core i7 and 256GB storage. Up to AU$4,419.15 incl. GST for a device equipped with 6th Gen Intel Core i7 and 1TB of SSD storage. Yes that is four thousand + four hundred + nineteen dollars + fifteen cents.. Well if Apple is selling a Macbook pro @ $5K why can’t Microsoft.

surface book touch screen repairA couple of years ago I thought we reached a stage where technology became very affordable for every one. Laptop Prices dropped from $2000 to around $500 and every thing IT was very affordable. Then suddenly new devices appeared, iPads, Surface, Note etc… and prices started going up again. I have been in the IT industry for almost two decades now, and I can confidently say that manufacturing a device like the iPad, Surface or Note does not cost more than few hundred dollars. This is also considering the R&D portion of it.

Buying such an expensive device, extended warranty and accidental damage is highly recommended. The only part than can be repaired on a Surface book is the touch screen, every thing else is a big NO. Keyboard, fans, Hard Drive, VGA, battery.. Nothing can be replaced in the device. What ever breaks, the device has to go back to Microsoft for replacement. Of course the whole bottom part can be replaced as well (complete as one part).

In case of any damage to the device and if the device has to go back to Microsoft. A repair / replacement fee at the cost of just under $1000 is payable to repair the simplest problem.

At LaptopRepair.Sydney we are able to repair the screens on Microsoft Surface book at $550  pickup and return Australia wide optional @ $40.

To book a repair please call us on 02 8081 2555 or click here to book a repair online.