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my hp x360 14-ba026tx trackpad has been playing up.

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
adammy hp x360 14-ba026tx trackpad has been playing up.. i had it replaced over a year ago and recently is has been laggy again.. i have tried updating drivers and all that.. restarting my laptop etc… but it still has issues.
Husspress escape on boot, and run hp components test and see if it comes with any errors.
also try using the trackpad outside windows to see if it works.
this will give u an indication if software is causing it
adamdone the reboot and it says “test passed” but when i was doing the test i could clearly see it lagging and it still said it passed..
outside windows ?
Hussin BIOS or under diagnostics.. does the trackpad still work?
adamyeah the trackpad works like most of the time it just go through phases where it starts lagging and not moving as normal
Husswhen you replaced the track pad, did you replace the cable?
Anything else I can help you with?