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Replacing keyboard on Macbook Pro

Liquid damage or just wear and tear happen to most keyboards as this is how we interact macbook-air-palmrestwith out laptops. This should be a straight forward task, but not with Macs. ALL Macs since the white Macbook A1181 and Macbook pro A1278 was available with the keyboard as part of the palm rest.

So to replace the keyboard, you will have to replace the whole palm rest. Which can cost quote a bit (around $250 – $350) plus labor of around $100. Now this job is not very difficult to do as Apple have a very organized layout of parts. One thing you need to be very careful about in addition to all the normal repair procedures, is the very thin sensitive flex cables. However, if your laptop is within the warranty period you may want to avoid doing this yourself. replacing keyboard for macbook pro

Another alternative to replacing the whole top case is replacing the keyboard component only. Which is harder and involves removing around 100 tiny little screws and will take approx 1 hour extra. It will however cost less for the keyboard compared to the palm rest. You will probably have to fork out around $60 for the keyboard part only. Labor should not exceed $140 or so.






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