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Should you upgrade to the iPhone 7?

Just a few weeks ago the iPhone 7 was released in the market with much fanfare. The usual naysayers campaigning that it was a waste of time and that the lack of a headphone cord was annoying. And for some people, a deal breaker.

Let’s talk about Apple products for a moment shall we though. Apple experienced a major resurgence under the realm of founder Steve Jobs, and the creation of the iPhone. As we all know, the very first iPhone was released in 2006 and it was a pioneer in the technology sector. Every year since then thousands of people would gather to buy the iPhone the day it came out.

There is still hype every year. But, is it really all it’s cracked up to be?
Well, if you crack your phone screen and need to replace it, then it’s not. That’s quarter of the cost of a new phone right there so you may not feel as if it’s a worthwhile investment. Prices on older models have come down dramatically so holding onto your old phone could actually prove worthwhile.

That’s not the only reason you should consider holding onto your existing phone. The new model has a range of features that will put off people who aren’t die hard Apple fans. They are things that Steve Jobs never would have allowed if he was alive today.

One such thing is the lack of a cable with the earphones. Even more ridiculous is that you can buy a cable set of earphones for $300. The normal ear pods (as the new cordless earphones nowadays) are around the same price.

To the die hard Apple fan this is reasonable, however to the disloyal consumer this is clear extortion.

That is the main issue people have.

This may change later on as other brands start to release after market products, however there have been issues with those. Just earlier this week, a Sydney woman reported that she was been burning while charging her phone. That’s not the type of publicity that Apple wants.

Let’s flip this on our side though (now if Apple was to revert to flip phones, there would be a buying frenzy), remember when your computer mouse had a cord, or when your keyboard had a cord attached? Any current Apple user will struggle to remember that time? The reason for that is that all Apple computers now come with minimal cords. It is initially hard to believe it. But once you do, you don’t miss the cord, and you wonder what all the fuss was about.

It’s hard to know if this will be the case. But I’d predict that this will be the case with the ear pods. Though at the moment, I still have a vision of people looking ridiculous with these hearing aid. Looking these devices hanging out of their ears.
Time will tell whether or not the iPhone 7 is worth it.