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Will the iPad and iPhone replace the laptop?

Years ago the laptop replaced the desktop computer, and there is talk in the marketplace that the iPad or other tablets and mobile phones will replace the laptop, but is this really the case? Could people really live without their laptop computer?

I’m not sure about you, but I certainly couldn’t live without my laptop. In fact, after years of not having a desktop I recently had to purchase a new desktop this year. The reason was simply to do with functionality. Although my laptop had been great, my needs changed. I needed a bigger screen. You see, there are things that you just can’t do on a laptop, let alone a mobile phone or tablet.

When you work in an office environment, the chances are you do a lot of typing. If that’s the case then you want to be able to type at speed. No matter how proficient you are in mobile technology, it’s simply not possible to get that speed when you are using a tablet or mobile phone, and that’s coming from someone who is practically surgically attached to their mobile phone and never lets it leave their side. It’s so important to be able to effectively get typing work completed fast, and for that purpose you need a laptop or a desktop.

If you’re an architect or a designer then a tablet or mobile just won’t be enough. The screen size isn’t good enough and tapping isn’t accurate enough for intricate work that requires a lot of fiddling around. You need to be able to really zoom in on things, and that is only possible on a laptop or a desktop. Most designers or architects would argue though that a desktop is better because of the screen resolution and size.


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Tablets and phones do not have the same programs and applications that a desktop or laptop does. That can limit your functionality. Limited functionality essentially renders a piece of technology useless. If you can’t access the same programs, then you just won’t get value from a mobile device.

Viewing websites can be difficult on mobiles and tablets. Full site version is not applicable and need to convert to a lower scale. That means you’re not getting the same features that you would otherwise. Say for example, you’re on a website that requires certain plugins for that to operate. You won’t be able to appreciate the full extent of the site if you’re on a mobile phone.

Despite not being good for a lot of purposes, mobiles and tablets are still good for certain things.

They can both be fantastic for taking images when you don’t want to lug around a full computer. You simply whack them in your pocket, take the photo and you’re good to go. In some cases you can edit the photos on your phone, however in other cases you’d want to use Photoshop or other photo editing software on your desktop or laptop.

Mobile phones and tablets are good for doing quick things, but they’ll never truly replace the laptop or desktop computer, not unless they suddenly become desktop size or have keyboards attached so you can quickly get through work, and that just won’t happen because then they’d no longer be mobile devices.